Youtube Kenya Launched!

Google Africa recently launched – the Kenyan version of YouTube. Kenya now joins Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa as the only African countries to have Youtube versions. The first African version of Youtube was launched in South Africa in May 2010.

Although has always existed in the past, Youtube Kenya will go a long way in facilitating unprecedented sharing of all the unique sights and sounds of our country and a diverse array of original content.

From an IP perspective the arrival of Youtube Kenya couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Copyright laws are currently being amended notably in the area of exceptions and limitations, meanwhile the Creative Commons and Open Source movements seem to be gaining favour especially among new-age digital content creators in the creative industry as well as the IT industry.

However, there is still need for intellectual property education so as to avoid unnecessary IP ownership disputes and IP infringement cases. In this regard, I believe the IP Offices could also use Youtube as a tool to disseminate useful informational videos on IP in Kenya both from an industrial property and copyright point of view.


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