“The Beauty of Intellectual Property Offices in Kenya”

I accidentally came across this twitter conversation between a certain Josphat Maweu (@joplii) and @gaQcx. Josphat is clearly a legal practioner as evidenced from his avatar where he’s wearing the signature black robe and white collar shirt from the Bar. At any rate, judging from the conversation they’re having, both men appear to have dealt with both the Copyright Office and the Industrial Property Office.

Their praise of both IP offices may be part of a private conversation but I believe that there’s a reason I spotted it and therefore I feel its only right to share it. The government of Kenya is often vilified by its hard-working taxpayers as being inefficient, incompetent and most of all corrupt. In this regard, the IP offices have unfortunately been lumped together with other government institutions.

From my experience I believe that unlike widely held perceptions of most government offices, the IP offices in Kenya have become customer-oriented, results-driven and conscientious of issues like transparency and accountability.