Collection of Music Royalties in Kenya Back On Track

Today, the Standard reports that the Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) and Performers’ Rights Society of Kenya (PRSK) have picked Trueblaq Entertainment Limited as their royalties collection commission agent after a month-long competitive bidding process.

This is what the two female GMs had to say:

“We are hopeful that this partnership will realise the much needed extra revenue for both music performers and producers. We are dedicated to ensuring that the administration costs are within the limits prescribed by common rules and regulations of collecting organisations.”
Angela Ndambuki, PRSK GM.

“This has been long overdue. But the time has now come for producers to get their rightful share of income and we envision that this will go a long way to improving the music industry in Kenya; enabling producers to invest in better quality recordings and exploring new methods of production in line with ever-changing trends in technology.”
June Gachui, KAMP GM.


With big brother MCSK locking horns with KeCoBo over registration, the two younger CMOs KAMP and PRSK have been forced to team up and fend for themselves in a bid to ensure that their respective members don’t fall victim to their fallout with MCSK.
However, even as we wait to see the outcome of the MCSK/KeCoBo registration battle, all three music CMOs seem to be heading in the right direction as far their licensing and royalty collection activities are concerned.
As you may recall, earlier this month the Business Daily reported that MCSK had upgraded their licensing and collections infrastructure by acquiring a new software that is able to track all songs played by broadcasters in a bid to arrive at a more accurate calculation of royalties for their members.

Perhaps, once the dust settles, a Joint Licensing Agreement between the three CMOs can be revisited in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Collection of Music Royalties in Kenya Back On Track

    • KE music composers, performers and producers must get their dues. No question. Collection of royalties has for long been in disarray. PRSK and KAMP still claim that MCSK owes them revenue, meanwhile the question still lingers whether the Copyright Board will renew MCSK’s license come November 27th.

      I tend to be optimistic that the situation will improve now that everyone is going solo. Music users will have no choice but to deal with MCSK separately and PRSK + KAMP separately. My only hope is that TruBlaq is up to the task: as you know, getting Kenyans to part with money isn’t a walk in the park 🙂

  1. So who do I pay for music (Recorded Audio) that may be played in a Restaurant?

    I already have a MCSK license….31,000 and now KAMP + PRSK want 16,000 more.

    Please advise.

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