Latest Kenya Copyright Newsletter Now Available Online

KeCoBo’s quarterly publication “Copyright News” has just been uploaded onto it’s website here and is available for viewing and downloading as a .pdf file.

The theme of this newsletter is piracy, but KeCoBo has also included several articles on other topical issues such as the ever popular traditional knowledge debate (kiondo-kikoy-shuka) as well as the need to provide for better exceptions and limitations for libraries, archives and research institutions.
As you may have noticed IPKenya has contributed 2 articles towards this newsletter.

Please view and download the newsletter here. Feel free to make any feedback, suggestions and comments here and I shall gladly forward them to KeCoBo.

KeCoBo informs me that they are currently working on a special year-end issue of the newsletter who’s theme will be traditional knowledge, genetic resources and traditional cultural expressions. If you’d like to contribute an article towards the end-year Newsletter, email KeCoBo at:


2 thoughts on “Latest Kenya Copyright Newsletter Now Available Online

  1. The article on piracy comes across as shallow and poorly researched. Two points I’d like to highlight. One, claiming that cutting back software piracy will effectively create new jobs in the IT sector is false. I don’t have the numbers but it’s a reasonable assumption that the companies that lose the most income from piracy are the big boys; Microsoft, Adobe, Sonic Solutions. Alternative local solutions would be difficult and pointless to develop hence your point is redundant.
    Secondly pinning responsibility of monitoring content on owners and distributors is ineffective and pointless in the very end. The DMCA is abused by big industries i.e. Hollywood, music publishers and the porn industry to protect their work while ISPs would rather comply than protect their consumers. The Internet is meant to be free for all and throttling traffic, barring websites and banning customers goes against that spirit.
    My point, educate users on easier and legal ways to acquire content, set fair pricing of local content(500 shillings for a bad 7 track album is a joke).
    Protect the end-users first and everything else falls into place. After all artists, publishers, distributors and pirates wouldn’t exist without the end-users.

    P.S. Excellent blog but the font in your comments box is almost undereadable. Try Verdana or Arial:-)

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback on the IPKenya blog.

    As for the KeCoBo feature on piracy, kindly email the same to them on the email address provided above.

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