Broadcast Licensing Dispute Bad News for Copyright

The Daily Nation reports that the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) is adamant that come Tuesday 15th November (tomorrow), any of the 26 broadcasters that will not have applied and paid for new licenses will lose their frequencies.

The various media owners under the umbrella of the Media Owners Association have rushed this afternoon to court and obtained an injunction on the grounds that the CCK is violating Article 34 subsections 2 and 3 of the Constitution which prohibits direct government control/regulation of the media.

IPKenya is keenly watching these developments as it doesn’t bode well for licensing revenues and royalty collections in Kenya if the CCK goes ahead to enforce the Tuesday 15th deadline. Certainly media operators, especially broadcasters, pay the collecting societies MCSK, KAMP and PRSK the highest amount in fees and their contribution makes up the bulk of the royalties recieved by musical authors/composers, performers and producers. Not to mention that the license fees also contribute to the overall budget of the CMOs.

It is hoped that this simmering dispute is quickly addressed by both parties and peacefully resolved.


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