WIPO Lex Profile for Kenya 2011 – Suggested Updates

IPKenya took time out to visit WIPO Lex, WIPO’s legal database for IP laws and treaties, which features the full texts of all member countries’ principal and subsidiary legislation that make up the countries’ IP legal framework.

Currently, the WIPO Lex Country Profile for Kenya only reflects 11 legal texts.

However, the following pieces of IP and IP-related legislation are missing:

1. The Anti-Counterfeit Act, 2008
2. The Competition Act, 2011
3. The Copyright Act Regulations, 2011

Also, there is no mention of the National Policy on Traditional Knowledge, 2009.

In this connection, IPKenya notes that the WIPO IP Offices Directory still reflects the website of the Attorney General’s Office and not the current KeCoBo website: http://www.copyright.go.ke. Furthermore, the address on WIPO Directory must be changed from 4th to 5th Floor, NHIF Building, Nairobi, Kenya.


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