From PRSK to PRISK: A Tale of Two Societies

It has been a landmark week for performers in Kenya, with the proposed enactment of amendments to Section 30 which deals with performers rights and essentially guarantees the continued existence of the collecting society representing performers.

The Performers Rights Society of Kenya abbreviated as “PRSK” has decided to change its abbreviation to “PRISK”. The inclusion of the “I” in the collecting society’s abbreviation takes immediate effect and was intentionally agreed upon so as to distinguish between the collecting society and the Public Relations Society of Kenya also abbreviated as PRSK.

Let’s compare the two PRSK’s, shall we:

– The PRSK for Performers is the youngest of Kenya’s collecting societies, having been established on 1 November 2009. PRSK represents performers in musical and dramatic works. It currently has about 70 members.
– The PRSK in Public Relations is the umbrella body for all PR Practitioners and Communications Specialists in Kenya. Its main purpose is to promote the PR practice in Kenya. It was established in 1971 and its membership is probably ten or twenty-fold that of the PRSK for performers. This PRSK is well known for its annual PRSK Gala Awards & Dinner dubbed “PRSK Awards for Excellence”.

With both PRSK societies operating within Kenya, it didn’t take long for PR practitioners to complain about the presence of PRSK for Performers and the latter’s potential to create confusion about the two societies.

Therefore Performers Society has now decided to voluntarily change its initials from PRSK to PRISK so as to differentiate itself from the Public Relations Society.

IPKenya believes that PRISK’s move to rebrand is wise and apt. PRISK is still a fairly new collective management organisation and now has the opportunity to grow given the recognition and extended mandate accorded to it in the recent amendments to the Copyright Act. The rebranding has effectively done away with any likelihood of confusion among PR Practitioners and Performers of musical and dramatic works seeking membership into their respective societies.

IPKenya wishes PRISK all the best in its future endeavours.

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