Upcoming Event #POWOAugust: Poets and Writers Online Discuss Digital Protection of Works

This Saturday 18 August 2012, IPKenya will be at #POWOAugust discussing the topic: “Protecting Your Work Online”. Some of the areas that will be discussed are: “All Rights Reserved” protection versus “Some Rights Reserved” protection, exceptions and limitations under the Copyright Act (“fair dealing”), technological protection measures (“TPMs”) and dealing with IP infringement online.

IPKenya is eager to hear from the #POWOAugust participants on their experiences with online publishing. In addition, it is anticipated that there will be discussions on the limitations and challenges of copyright, respect for intellectual property rights and the plagiarism menace. It is hoped that through these discussions, #POWOAugust participants will be able to reach a decision on which types of online protection are best suited to their needs.