When Public Interest IP Goes Wrong: CIPIT Slams PIIPA


IPKenya is pleased with CIPIT’s reaction to a recent notice that PIIPA was looking for pro-bono assistance from Kenyan intellectual property professionals.

In a post today titled “Open Letter to PIIPA on Puzzling Pro-Bono Assistance Request”, CIPIT openly confronts PIIPA on its bizarre decision to grant a seemingly well-financed company access to “precious pro-bono resources” in a personal IP war to be waged against locals in Kenya.

CIPIT calls out PIIPA on its misplaced priorities and wonders: “Why would PIIPA agree to help this company get pro bono legal assistance to fight its IP battles in Kenya? Shouldn’t PIIPA instead be advising and assisting local Kenyans to repel such IP actions?”

Read the full CIPIT response to PIIPA here.