Seminar: Making A Living From Music – Copyright and Related Rights in Kenya


This coming Tuesday 19th February 2013, KECOBO in conjunction with Kenya Vision 2030 have organised a Music Seminar at Sarakasi Dome. The Seminar is scheduled to start at 9.30am and end at 12.30pm and aims to address the following main issues:

– A short history of the music business – The principles of copyright

– The Business of Music – How to make a living out of your creativity

– The role and management of collective management agencies – Demistifying the roles of MCSK, PRSK, KAMP

– Future trends in the Music Industry – from e-commerce to m-commerce: Emerging trends, distribution tools, legal implications & opportunities

Speakers at the event will include: two popular artists namely Size 8 and Jimmy Gait, Maurice Okoth, CEO of MCSK, Angela Ndambuki, GM of PRISK, Bernard Kioko, CEO Bernsoft Interactive Media and RKay, Producer, CEO Ingoma Talent Management.

All those interested, kindly RSVP online here.

One thought on “Seminar: Making A Living From Music – Copyright and Related Rights in Kenya

  1. who exactly get paid by mcsk nawadays we are all musicians and i have a complain, now and then we give you our music you get them wherever but how can we also monitor our songs comeup with an application we can all view ourself getting played and getting paid. tired 7 years of stragle but you take money from hotels, media matatus and corporate events. does your office collect money to just pay your staff and rent. how about the workers the bosses the creators of music skiza pays 75 sent who can talk on our behalf? if you are all satisfied then we choose other people to take charge we might be quiet but we are paining all this time change will come one day for music. you said my music has to play it does yes but also the industry is controlled by few who just push thier staff along kindly open our own radio, tv and make shows for our musicians and broadcast them.

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