Reminder: Upcoming KECOBO and WIPO Training on Television and Film

IPKenya urges all interested candidates to apply before the closing date of February 7, 2014.

Kudos to KECOBO for shifting the focus from music to film!

To all potential applicants, here is the advert from KECOBO:

Call for Applications to participate in the Capacity Building Workshop

The World Intellectual Property Organisation, in collaboration with the Government of Kenya, through the Kenya Copyright Board is working on a project to strengthen and develop the audio-visual sector in Kenya through training and capacity building within the scope of the WIPO Development Agenda. This is part of a wider pilot project involving two other countries namely Senegal and Burkina Faso. The objectives of this training are;

1. To contribute to enhanced use of the intellectual property system for the financing, production and distribution of audiovisual works; and

2. To advance the development of an effective and balanced framework and infrastructure for the exercise and management of IP rights-based transactions in the audiovisual sector.

The training programme which will take place in Nairobi, will cover the following issues:

-Global audiovisual sector and the digital landscape;
-National and international regulatory framework;
-Economy of rights transactions and revenue flows;
-Rights-based transactions: How to use intellectual property rights for financing and distribution: -Sale and pre-sale agreements;
-Value of different rights – the film value chain: establishing a chain of titles chain for rights transactions;
-Role of television in the value chain: using pre-sales of broadcasting rights to finance production; -Acquisition process, global sales and distribution opportunities;
-Home, TV online, ancillary markets and new revenue windows;
-Rights licensing, distribution agreements and contracts; rights negotiations with broadcasters and new media online platforms; consideration of the contractual guidelines for the audiovisual industry;
-Foreign distribution rights and co production agreements; and
-Dispute Settlement for the Film Industry: making better use of arbitration and mediation.

Each of the three workshops will be conducted over four days, and will involve 25 to 30 professionals focusing on those involved with financing, production and distribution of audiovisual works. During the workshops, participants will receive a variety of programme materials and pedagogical packs using the latest available communication tools.

The Kenya Copyright Board hereby invites applicants from the following groups who will be selected on the basis of career background, motivation and references:
(a) Film producers, film directors, screen-writers, composers, audiovisual performers;

(b) Production and distribution companies;

(c) Financial institutions and banks;

(d) Specialized lawyers;

(e) Exhibitors; and

(f) Collective management organizations

Applicants are required to submit their applications to be considered for the above project, which should include their curriculum vitae, motivation, references, recent projects in the creative industries and affiliations.

Kindly address your applications to:

The Executive Director
Kenya Copyright Board

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