#ipkenya Weekly Review (25th May – 1st June, 2014)

RIP Maya...

RIP Maya…

Since our last weekly review here, we have published three new articles, namely the revoked ARIPO patent no. 773 granted to Sanitam, FIFA’s trade mark rights on the eve of the World Cup and Safepak’s track record with industrial design protection. As always, your comments and questions are more than welcome!

Here are some of the other IP developments from the past week:

– Data-mining Kenyan Patents [AfroIP]

– South Africa: Owning IP rights ‘can help save fees’ [BD Live]

– Nigeria: So, some guy went and trademarked “Nollywood”…by Rotimi Fawole | TextTheLaw [NIPLaw]

– South Africa: Copyright in an academic library context: Part 1 [openUCT]

– Angola: Parliament Passes Law On Copyright and Related Rights [AngolaPress]

– Nigeria: COSON and Nigerian Broadcasters Sign Landmark Agreement [IPeye]

– South Africa: Fast-tracking OER policy and practice in South Africa – UNISA on the move [ipunit]

And finally, we invite our readers to consider the intellectual property (IP) issues involved in the following product available in Kenya:


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