ARIPO Roving Seminars 2015: Copyright and Industrial Property Rights in Kenya

ARIPO Roving Seminar 2015 Kenya Director-General Fernando Dos Santos ARIPO Chief Examiner Emmanuel Sackey KECOBO Director Marisella Ouma Victor Nzomo IP Kenya

As earlier advertised here, African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) successfully executed its on-going series of Region-wide “Roving Seminars” in Kenya with the first two days (Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of March 2015) being devoted to copyright matters under the theme: “Copyright in the Digital Environment” and last two days (Thursday 19th and Friday 20th of March 2015) being devoted to industrial property matters under the theme: “Protection and Promotion of Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications”.

In his opening remarks, ARIPO Director General Mr. Fernando Dos Santos brought to our attention the important role Kenya has played as a pioneer ARIPO member state. For those who may not know, when ARIPO was established, its first headquarters were hosted at the Attorney General’s Chambers (Sheria House) in Nairobi before later relocating to its present headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe. Therefore the DG described coming to Kenya and visiting Sheria House as “coming home” since this was his first visit to Kenya since taking office as Director General in 2013.

For those who missed the Seminar, you may follow some of the conversations online on twitter using the hashtag: #ARIPOSeminar.

Here is a list of the presentations made during the four days of #ARIPOSeminar:

Introduction to Intellectual Property – Concepts and Challenges Facing Developing Countries

Role of ARIPO in implementing the IP Ecosystem: the case of copyright and related rights

The implications of recent international developments in the copyright arena

Overview of copyright in the digital environment

ARIPO as a Regional Hub for the Development and Promotion of Intellectual Property System in Africa

Developments in Kenya IP Legal Framework for the Administration of Industrial Property Rights

International Treaties on Industrial Property (PCT, Madrid and Hague Systems)

Filing for Trademarks including Timelines and Fees in Kenya

Trademarks and Industrial Designs as Tools for Adding Value to Products and Services

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in ARIPO Member States

Making Better Use of Technological Information including Patents to Promote Innovation

Managing the IP Portfolio of an Organization Enterprise

Development of Regional and National Geographical Indications Protection Systems: Experiences from ARIPO and Kenya

Development of a Regional System for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (Draft ARIPO Protocol)

Filing for Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs including Timelines and Fees in Kenya

Filing Procedures and Fee Structure under the ARIPO Harare and Banjul Protocols

The New ARIPO Online Industrial Property Management and E-Services Systems

Readers are welcome to write in and request electronic copies of any of the above powerpoint presentations.

This blogger applauds ARIPO for introducing this new mode of engagement with its nineteen (19) African members and wishes the Organization great success in fulfilling its mandate.

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