Strathmore’s CIPIT to Launch IP Course on Patent Drafting and Prosecution

CIPIT IP Course Patent Drafting and Prosecution

The Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) has informed us that it is about to launch a specialised course on Patent drafting and prosecution!

This exciting new course will be broken down into 3 modules taught through a rigorous combination of offline homework assignments and online tutorials spanning a period of three months. The modules will cover a broad range of topics including introduction to patenting, strategy for drafting as well as strategy for filing and advising clients in patent matters. The course will be certified by Strathmore University Law School on successful completion of all the course requirements.

According to CIPIT, patent drafting and prosecution are specialized skills that merge technology with law. These skills are not taught in law school but are used regularly by intellectual property (IP) lawyers as well as inventors. Therefore the course aims to introduce IP professionals to the skills of patent drafting and prosecution.

The course will soon be launched on CIPIT’s website: for all interested applicants to register online.

For more information, please contact CIPIT via email on: or via telephone on: 0703034612/0719690510.

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