One thought on “High Court Acquits Staff, Former CEO and Wife of Stealing from Copyright Society

  1. A tad surprised at your closing remarks. Have you looked into the real issues why these charges were levelled against the accused ? How does a matter of corporate governance and transparency lead up to persons ( some of whom are not board members ) being accused of stealing specific sums of money from an institution that did not in the first place report any monies as stolen ? Indeed it may be true that there are issues regarding corporate governance and transparency but it cannot be alluded that these were related to this case as being “at the heart of the matter ..” as you have stated .
    Please take some time and did deeper into this matter and you will then understand what indeed was ” at the heart of the matter ” .
    Should you wish to have material that will assist you in discerning the real issues , please peruse the court file to fully appreciate the gravity of this matter that has affected the lives of the accused and their families . Criminal allegations are not light matters as they leave a permanent scar in the character of an individual . It would as such be appreciated before such comments are made ,on such sensitive matters , one fully inquires into the circumstances of each case .

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