The New Face of Creative Commons in Kenya

Elizabeth Oyange By Rori! Comics for UnCommon Women, CC BY

The inaugural meeting of the Creative Commons (CC) Kenya Chapter was held on 25 July 2018. This meeting marked the transition of the CC community in Kenya into a CC Country Chapter. A key agenda item was the election of several officials to manage the affairs of the CC Kenya Chapter. As readers of this blog may know, the Creative Commons community in Kenya was previously organised using an ‘Affiliate’ model with two Leads, a Public Lead (based at CIPIT – Strathmore University) and a Legal Lead (based Kenya Law i.e. National Council for Law Reporting).

Under the new structure, the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) co-ordinates and provides leadership in the global CC movement. The Global Network Council (GNC) is the governing and decision-making body of the CCGN. It consists of elected representatives of all CC Country Chapters and representatives from CC HQ. CC Chapters serve as the central coordinators of the work of the individuals and institutions participating within a country in support of the CCGN. As such, all those interested in becoming members of CC must register here either as Network Members or Network Partners (for Institutions) and belong to a Country Chapter.

Each CC Country Chapter is led by a Chapter Lead, who is a Network Member that is elected by fellow Network Members to be responsible for coordinating and communicating on behalf of CC Chapter activities. This Lead serves as a point of contact for CC Headquarters when forwarding or responding to inquiries regarding activities in that country. This person may be the representative to the GNC but is not required to be. However the majority of the activities of the CC Country Chapters will take place in Platforms – which are defined areas of work with established goals, objectives, and activities.

During the inaugural meeting, Elizabeth Oyange-Ngando was elected as Chapter Lead and Representative to the GNC. Several Platform Leads were also elected as follows:

Education platform: Hildah Nyakwaka

Culture Platform: Liz Lenjo

GLAMs: Carole Theuri

Open: Faith Amatika

As always, readers interested in CC are invited to formally register as members of the CCGN by signing up at For those on Slack, CC has an an active presence accessible here: Informally, the CC Kenya community has a WhatsApp group which can be accessed through this link:

This blogger wishes the entire CC Kenya Chapter team all the best!

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