Recap of 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 #GESKenya2015

6th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) Nairobi Kenya 2015 July Victor Nzomo Delegate

In a previous post here, this blogger announced that among the topics to be discussed at the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) was the protection of intellectual capital with a sharp focus on intellectual property (IP). In addition to the IP Workshop on the first day, there was a Creative Economy Workshop on the second day. According to this workshop’s introduction, the creative industries (arts, entertainment, fashion) are attractive to many young people but few understand the business behind these industries and how to tap the creative economy to give them returns. On the workshop’s panel was a group of successful creatives who are turning the creative arts into sources of revenue, jobs and wealth creation.

In addition to the above, this blogpost will profile some of the top products and services pitched during the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Tech-I Competition at GES which recorded over 790 applications from 74 countries in the sectors of agriculture, energy, healthcare, and information communication technology.

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Four Africans Named among 2015 Managing IP Top 50 Most Influential People in Intellectual Property

mip award

As many will recall last year this blogger was the only African named among 2014 Managing IP Top 50 Most Influential People in Intellectual Property.

This year, Managing IP (MIP) has recently published the 13th edition of the annual List of the 50 Most Influential People in IP (MIP50). According to MIP:

“This year’s list… is one of the most diverse ever, including people from Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Some of those on the list are known for promoting stronger IP protection; others are skeptical; some are known for attacking IP rights; and many do not fit easily into any of these categories. More than one-third of those included are women, a record number.”

The full MIP50 List is available here and readers can follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #MIP50.

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Countdown to the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit #GES2015Kenya


This blogger is honoured to have been invited to speak at the 6th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) to be held on the 25th and 26th of July 2015 in Nairobi. Specifically I will be part of a distinguished panel leading the GES discussions on “Protecting Intellectual Capital”. It is the first workshop on the first day of GES and the session is designed to give participants practical tools for protecting intellectual property (IP).

Other speakers on the IP panel at GES include: Rwandan Fashion Designer & Creative Director Ms. Ituze Ndutiye Colombe of INCO-icyusa, Namibian entrepreneur Ms. Tammy Nott of Mbiri™ Natural Skincare, CIPIT Director Dr. Isaac Rutenberg and Microsoft Associate General Counsel Mr. Antony Cook.

This blogger is grateful to the United States government for this unique opportunity and looks forward to a successful GES.

#ipkenya Monthly Review (July 2014)

VBN 155

This past month, we discussed several interesting developments and aspects of intellectual property (IP) in Kenya including: the Industrial Court decision in Gwer & 5 Others v. Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) & 2 others; the timeframe for the establishment of the Intellectual Property Office of Kenya, the revised Draft National Music Policy and the newly appointed Music Policy Committee and the inclusion of the artist’s resale right in Kenya. Outside Kenya, we discussed the Aereo and Vodacom Please Call Me decisions by the US Supreme Court and South African High Court respectively.

As always, your comments and views on these blogposts are more than welcome. This month was particularly memorable for this blogger, who was recognised among the Top 50 Most Influential People in IP worldwide!

In addition, this blogger was fortunate to travel to the Maasai Mara last week. Below are some of the photos from this memorable trip:

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