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“IP Kenya” (which includes “www[dot]ipkenya[dot]wordpress[dot]com” and “www[dot]twitter[dot]com[slash]IPKenya”) was founded by Victor B. Nzomo on January 3rd 2011 with the aim to be a leading independent voice on intellectual property and technology law developments in Africa.

With the understanding that any interaction on “IP Kenya” does not constitute an attorney/advocate-client relationship unless and until we enter into a retainer agreement — and that for this reason you should not, among other things, transmit any confidential information or any communication you would only share with your attorney/advocate — you may contact us if you would like to correspond regarding any IP/ICT-related matters, including possibly representing you.

Any tips, queries, compliments and/or complaints may be sent directly to the IP Kenya Team at Finlegal LLP via finlegal[dot]kenya[at]gmail[dot]com.

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