Sights and Sounds of World IP Day 2015: The East African Edition


Recently, countries around the world celebrated World Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2015 under the theme: “Get Up. Stand Up. For Music”. This blogger is pleased to report that Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania each held their own exciting events to mark World IP Day 2015.

Here are some of the important highlights:-

1. Uganda took World IP Day 2015 to the streets!

As previously advertised here, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) led the World IP Day celebrations with a procession through the streets of Kampala accompanied by the Uganda Prisons Band. The staff of URSB in their bright yellow World IP Day shirts proceeded to the National Theatre for the day’s activities. The sub theme selected by Uganda for this year’s World IP Day was: “My Music, My Asset”.

URSB Banner World IP Day 2015 Uganda

2. Tanzania got Talent!

Although Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) did not seem to have a World IP Day poster this year, their celebrations would appeal to many as being a true reflection of this year’s musical theme. This blogger was informed that COSOTA staff in their dazzling blue World IP Day shirts staged various musical and theatrical performances throughout their celebrations. The star of the show must have undoutedbly beeen Maureen Fondo Jandwa, COSOTA’s Legal Officer who launched her debut album titled “Shika Ulichonacho” which includes the song “Sherekea” to celebrate this year’s World IP Day theme. A snippet of the song is captioned above.

World IP Day 2015 COSOTA Tanzania 1 by Bongo5

World IP Day 2015 COSOTA Tanzania 2 by Bongo5

World IP Day 2015 COSOTA Tanzania 3 by Bongo5

World IP Day 2015 COSOTA Tanzania 4 by Bongo5

3. Kenya did it three times for World IP Day 2015!

World IP Day 2015 AM LIVE Interview NTV Kenya

Watch AM Live April 24, 2015 Copyright And IP Debate

The above YouTube clip is a live TV interview with some of the key IP stakeholders ahead of the planned World IP Day 2015 events in Kenya.

As previously highlighted here, the IP fraternity in Kenya successfully organised two simultaneous World IP Day 2015 events in the capital city of Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa. Thereafter the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts launched the Draft National Music Policy which was officially submitted for validation and public comment at:

Looking back at last year’s World IP Day discussed here, it is clear that the East African region led by Kenya continues to be very active in public outreach, awareness creation and participation in all areas of IP. This blogger salutes all those who were involved in the preparation and execution of the various World IP Day events throughout East Africa.

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