Cautious Support for Anti-Counterfeit Agency Amidst Public Concerns

Anti Counterfeit Agency ACA Stand at Mombasa International Show August 2015 Kenya

This blogger has come across the recently published Gazette Notice No. 6612 in which the Chairman of the Anti-Counterfeit Agency (ACA) has appointed 31 persons to be inspectors for the purposes of the enforcement of the provisions of the Anti-Counterfeit Act. Several commentators have raised several serious concerns about ethnic and regional balancing in the appointments although there is no news of any legal or constitutionality challenges filed to challenge the appointments.

In addition, this blogger also notes that one of the appointees, one Susan Sande Aremon shares the same surname as the current Deputy Director Finance and Administration at ACA, Mr. Michael Aremon. Could the two be related? In this regard, this blogger wonders why such appointments were made and what the ACA Chairman of the Board and Acting Executive Director have to say about them.

In previous blogposts here and here, this blogger has highlighted some of the on-going public concerns that have been raised about ACA and its operations, including the sanctions taken against Acting Executive Director over the rise in illicit brew, the concerns of corruption among ACA’s Legal and Enforcement personnel culminating in the public industrial court dispute between ACA and its staff including one member of ACA’s senior management team.

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